Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Week at the MTC

This is Christie - Tessa's visa has still not come through so she has been temporarily reassigned to ... the TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE MISSION.  She will be leaving Tuesday, August 27th!

Tessa's district impatiently waiting reassignments

Here is her letter from this week!

Oi, familia!

Besides my reassignment, here are some other interesting things that happened this week...

More impatiently waiting ...

- other reassignments: four other people in my district going to TN, a bunch going to Colorado Springs and Denver, one going to Idaho, and one going to Virginia and one got her visa! hooray sister Guynn!

All of the TN reassignments

- Sunday was a good day - my favorite part was watching the MTC devotional President Holland gave the missionaries for Thanksgiving last year. He brought his whole family and they all participated in the devotional, and it was a really nice meeting. He had his granddaughter who received her call to Italy give a talk and it was really cool to listen to her speak.

- Monday: Sister Spencer's foot was still hurting her, so we got to go off campus to see a podiatrist!  I never thought that I'd be so excited to go to the doctor's in my life, but we've been inside MTC campus for the past month, and I was pretty excited to be able to get off campus. I love the MTC, but I'm very excited to leave to the mission field!

- Tuesday: Funny story: We had devotional, and at this point Sister Spencer was on crutches. So we got to take the shuttle. They were not expecting as many injured missionaries, I guess, so they told me that on the way back, I would have to walk, and sister Spencer could take the shuttle. No problem, right? wrong. For those of you who are unfamiliar with missionary rules, one of the most important standards is that you are literally always with your companion. You have to get consent from leaders to go on an exchange with a missionary who isn't your companion, and you are never ever to be alone. So, seeing as how there were 2500 missionaries at this devotional, we couldn't find our district leader, or anyone from our district. So after the devotional, Sister Spencer went off and took the shuttle, and I hoped that I would be able to find someone from my district or zone to be on an exchange with. Luckily I found some sisters from my zone, and they walked be to the shuttle station to pick up Sister Spencer. And guess what...she wasn't there! You can probably imagine my panic when I saw that my now crippled and alone companion had been lost. I had the the sisters walk me back to the classroom, where we were having a devotional debrief as a district, and guess who was sitting in on the meeting: my branch President, President Brough! I think that I certainly have a knack for poor timing! I walk into the room, and the sisters I was with leave before President Brough could see them, and the class was already all there and discussing the devotional. I had to interrupt them and in a very frazzled manner explain why I was late and companionless. It was awesome. So I got another sister to walk with me to the bus station, and finally her shuttle pulls up and we're able to all walk back together. It turns out, that she got on the shuttle for all of the senior couples, and they were being dropped off at their houses, so Sister Spencer got a nice little tour of Provo :)

All friends from Tessa's freshman ward

- Wednesday: we finally procured (scavenged and "acquired") cushioned rolley desks on Tuesday! The desks we had previously could be likened to seats made of the world's hardest concrete. So the rolley desks were a very exciting step up. We were hosts for the new missionaries today, so we greeted the families on the curb and brought the missionaries to get all of their books and dropped them off at their residence and then their classroom. While we were out of the classroom for that space of time, all of our rolley desks were stolen and replaced with the terrible chairs! All of the missionaries in our district were devastated! I suppose we'll survive, but I don't know. We'll see ;)

Tessa and Sister Spencer in the "rolley desks"

- Thursday: The highlight of my week. We had "In-field orientation all day". It was so awesome and got me so excited for going into the mission field next week! We focused mainly on our purpose as missionaries, which is to invite others to come unto Christ, and receive the restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. We talked about what this means, and other things like that, but the thing we talked about that struck me the most, was our discussion about the missionaries responsibility to be worthy to teach the gospel. We talked about how if we are not living the gospel and if we are not worthy of teaching it, then our investigators will not be able to receive our message. That certainly put a lot of pressure on me! I know that the Lord has prepared people for me to teach. They are ready to hear our message, and they are ready to follow Jesus Christ. It is dependent on the missionary to find these people, and to find these people we need to be enough in harmony with God that he can direct our paths to these people.

I'm so excited to start working in the mission field next week, and I hope that I will be able to find those people who are "only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it". (D&C 123)

I love you all so much, and hope that everything is going well!


Sister Pennington

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