Sunday, April 13, 2014

First week in Itatiba! (March 31)

Oi, familia!

So, I'm in Itatiba now! It's a cute little city about an hour outside of Campinas. When I found out I was going to Itatiba, everyone said, "there are a lot of hills there". I didn't think much of it. There are hill what?

But, I understand now what they meant. Holy cow I'm going to have legs of steel by the time I leave this area!

The ward here is really big! It's the biggest ward I've ever served in, so it'll definitely be an interesting change. There are 2 sets of sisters working here, and we all share an apartment. My companion is from Chile, Sister Gonzalez, and both of the other sisters are American, Sister Morgan and Sister Acavedo from my district in the MTC. I'm excited to be in the same area as her! She's great!

So there's 4 sisters serving here in Itatiba - my companion is the one in the pink shirt, and you might recognize sister Acavedo on the end from the MTC. It's fun to be able to serve with her again!

Leaving Barao was hard and all of the members were really sad to see us leave. But, so far I really like this area. There are good people everywhere, and there are people everywhere who are prepared to hear the gospel! We found a ton of new investigators this week, including an amazing family! They are so awesome, and they have really great questions! They're golden!

We have a recent convert here, Luanna, who is so adorable. She's 28 and has so much energy! Her family is huge, and a lot of them live in her house with her, or are always there visiting. She's the only member of her family that joined the church, but the rest of her family loves the missionaries and is very supportive of her in the church. Luanna and her family put together a family home evening at the church as a ward activity, and they put so much effort into it, and it was so cute!

Yesterday, we had the best lunch in the world! There's a woman in the ward from Italy, and she fed us lunch yesterday after church and it was delicious! Christie, you'd be jealous! She made homemade marinara sauce for the pasta, and a simple but delicious chicken, with homemade whole wheat bread from their own homegrown wheat, and a delicious eggplant salad with basil and mint. And for desert, she made homemade ice cream and made a bundt cake sort of deal with a sweetened condensed milk fudge type thing. Nossa! Foi bom de mais!!! It was awesome! And, it was kind of like eating at Hogwarts, because she wouldn't let our plates be empty so she would always just serve us more food.  It was awesome!

Anyways, it's going to be a great week and an awesome transfer! I'm excited to serve here! It's going to be great!

Boa semana para voces!
love ya!
Sister Pennington

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