Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The end of the transfer! (April 28)


So, we have transfers tomorrow, and Sister Gonzalez is leaving! I'm panicking just a little bit, because as most of you know I'm extremely directionally challenged....I DON'T KNOW WHERE ANYONE LIVES AND I CAN'T READ A MAP!!!!

But, the Lord knows how spatially challenged I am, and He trusts me with this area, então, vamos lá!

This week was good! We had a lot of success finding people and teaching lessons. We had a really full schedule every day, and had plenty of people to keep us busy!

On Saturday, we did an exchange with the sister training leader in another city. Sister Morgan and I went to Jundiaí with Sister Matos, and her companion came here with Sister Gonzalez and Sister Acevedo. Jundiaí is a huge city! It's close to Itatiba, so I've heard people talk about it, but I didn't know it was so big! Anyways, the exchange was really good, and I learned a lot from Sister Matos. She's an awesome missionary, and it was a really good opportunity to teach with her. Also, the sisters in Jundiaí live in a house with 2 other companionships, and Sister Guynn from the MTC is there. It was good to see her again! She's a sweetheart!

So, Giovanna, Josiane and Francisco came to church again! It was awesome! They loved it! After church we went to visit them, and Giovanna especially is just golden! She told us that she believes everything that we've taught her, and that she loves church! She started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning, and is just loving it! She is awesome! She really wants to be baptized, but she wants to go to church more before she gets baptized. She's pretty great! Josiane and Francisco are also interested, but they have some concerns, but they're willing to keep meeting with us, read the scriptures, pray and go to church, so they'll definitely get an answer! They're just the best! They knew that Sunday was my birthday and that Sister Gonzalez was probably leaving on Tuesday, so they bought us presents - they go me really cute black shoes with a gold buckle at the top and sister Gonzalez pink shoes with a bow. Those guys are just stinkin' adorable!

Sister Gonzalez made me a cake for my birthday! It was orange cake with brigadera frosting (brigadeira is a thick chocolate thing made with sweetened condensed milk! It's awesome!) And Sister Morgan and Acevedo bought me Pasoquita (my favorite! - it's almost like peanut butter) and pizza that we cooked in the oven. They sang parabéns for me, and it was sweet :)  It was overall a good day, and everyone made it really special. Thanks for the birthday wishes from afar! I love you all so much!

The birthday girl :)

Have an amazing week!
Sister Pennington

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