Monday, September 30, 2013

Yet another Week (9/30)

Hi everyone!

I hope y'all had a good week!

I'm just going to do bullet points because I want to have time to send pics...

- We do what's called a "faith walk" when we have only a short amount o time between appointments, and it's where we pick a road to walk down, and just talk to everyone we see and have faith that we're going to find someone we can help or who is interested in the gospel. We did this on Tuesday, and we met a guy named William. We met him outside his home, and asked him if he would want to say a prayer with us, and he told us to wait and he ran inside. A few minutes later, he came back out with his entire family! It was so great! We prayed with them, and asked them if we could teach them, and they said we could. We gave them a Book of Mormon, and we're going back to teach them this week :)

Sister Pennington's district

- We taught a lesson to one of the recent converts in our ward, and he's been struggling recently and it was such a great lesson! We taught him about personal revelation, and it was so cool to see how perfect that lesson was for him at that time! It was an awesome lesson not just for him, but also for me! My companions are such spiritual giants it's great!

- Kind of sad, but also hilarious story... we accidentally ran over a baby raccoon, and Sister Goates is kind of like me about animals, but maybe even a little bit worse. Anyways, before our next appointment she said the prayer and she prayed for the raccoon. All three of us just started laughing in the middle of the prayer. I think Heavenly Father was probably laughing a little bit too :)

Tessa's companions :)

- The person who's baby shower we went to a few weeks ago had her baby! We went over and saw her and she was so cute! #2daysoldisprettylittle

- We had a great lesson with 2 of our investigators, Shunteen and Lenlu. They have little to no Christian background and they've been progressing very slowly, but on Saturday, Shunteen (the husband) volunteered to say the closing prayer. It was such a powerful prayer! It was amazing!

- Cindy came to church with us on Sunday, and during Sunday School, we met with the bishop, and we got into some SUPER deep doctrinal stuff by accident, and so that was a good time. I think it will be ok, but she was a little overwhelmed with all of the stuff that got brought up.

Sister Pennington and her companions with Cindy at church

- The ward mission leader, Brother Flemming, has a tradition of giving all the new missionaries a Swiss army knife that he calls a, "holy spirit knife"  because when we have the holy spirit with us we have lots of tools, and when we have our holy spirit knife, we also have lots of tools :) it was kind of adorable, and now I have a cute little white pocket knife

The kids in the ward wanted a picture with the matching sister missionaries ;)

- Yesterday was really cool because we had the chance to go to an open house/ desert night for a girl, Angela, in our ward who is leaving for the MTC next Wednesday. She's going to the Phillipines! It's hard to believe that I was in Angela's place three months ago! I remember the sisters coming to my open house, and looking at their confidence and their sweet determination to boldly do the Lord's work and thinking that I would never really feel like a missionary. I definitely still have moments of uncertainty, but the validity of my ordination and calling have been reaffirmed to me time and again as my mission has progressed. Before we begin teaching the lessons to a new investigators, we have a lesson with them where we explain our purpose and establish expectations. One of the points that we try to communicate to our investigators is that we have truly been called by a prophet of God to share what we know, and we know that our message is true.

I know that I have been called of God to share this message. I know that it is true.

I love you all so much!

Sister Pennington

All the sisters in the district who accidentally matched

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