Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hi everyone! (January 27)

This week has been crazy pants! (as it always is!)

Firstly, I came to a realization this week that kind of made my life! LA FOLLETTE IS PAWNEE!!!!! I realized that this week as we were in the library/ town hall and it looked exactly like the city council room in parks and rec, and it really just made me happy. #smalltownamerica

(Pawnee) Jacksboro town hall with Sister Pennington in the Mayors chair

I also forgot to mention last week that the librarians here are amazing humans! They absolutely love the missionaries, and the reason we were able to e-mail last week even though it was MLK day, was that Gayla, one of the librarians, came in and opened the library just for us to e-mail! She's going to receive LOTS of blessings for being so good to the missionaries!

Anyways, I don't think I've ever written about Blanche, and I don't know why because she's literally my favorite human in the world, but she's an adorable 99 year old lady we go see every week. She's not a member, and the missionaries found her a few years ago before she was in a nursing home, and they were teaching her. She accepted the gospel, but was never baptized because she's really old and was physically never able to do so. She gave permission to the missionaries here before us, that she would like her temple work done after she passes away so she can be sealed to her husband who has been dead for several years. Anyways, we go at least once a week, if not more, and just sing to her, and talk with her. Her mind is extremely sharp, especially for a 99 year old, so she's a lot of fun to talk to. She always has us read Psalms 23 with her, and she is so spiritual, and learn so much from her each time we go see her. Anyways, every time we go over, she just goes on about how we're her angels, and we make her day, and that we're an answer to her prayers each time we go see her. She is so sincere, and so kind, and I really love her all the way to my back! We were there yesterday, and I told her that I was leaving in a few weeks for Brazil, and SHE LITERALLY CRIED!!!!!! I MADE A SWEET 99 YEAR OLD LADY CRY!!! I almost lost it! I just love her so much, and I wish y'all could meet her! She's the greatest human in the history of forever!

We had an awesome lesson with Alley this week that confirmed to me the power of the Book of Mormon. She started to read it from the beginning, and she absolutely LOVED IT! She couldn't put it down! Her faith is growing stronger and stronger each time we meet with her, and it's so cool to be a part of it!

Also, we have a new investigator who has a baptismal date for march! She's so sweet! She asked US if she could be baptized this Sunday! She's so prepared. And, she came to church! She is so sincere in wanting to turn her life around, and she is so excited to be baptized, and have Christ a bigger part of her life! It's awesome!

On Saturday, it was a "blizzard" (not really, but for Tennessee standards it was a lot of snow. And it was legit cold So of  course that was the day that we spent 12 hours moving a branch member! It was cold and slippery, but it was actually pretty fun, because it was just an excuse to spend the whole day with the Smith family, so that's always fun. I felt really bad, though, because I might or might not have locked President Smith's keys in his truck...so his son Fleet had to drive 2 hours to come all the ways down from the hollow to bring the spare set of keys. It was actually good though, because it gave us an opportunity to teach a lesson, and the member we were moving was less-active, so it was a really good opportunity. Maybe Heavenly Father locked the keys in the car... ;)

side note, in the first e-mail I send from La Follette, I talked about the Smith "holler"...Well, its actually a "hollow", but they pronounce it "holler" because we're in the middle of backwoods Tennessee :)

Love y'all so much and will talk to y'all next Monday for my last p-day in the states!

Sister Pennington

Next week on "The district: La Follette Branch"
- The sister missionaries adventure out at 6 in the morning to count homeless people in Jacksboro for a county-wide census
- Alley takes the sister missionaries on a road trip to a stake devotional by Elder L. Tom Perry and other general authorities!

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