Monday, February 24, 2014

Another week in Brazil! (February 24)

Hello everyone!

Hope y'all have had a good week!

It's been hot and hard work here! In this mission we keep track of the number of contacts we do each week, meaning the number of people we talk to and invite to church or to listen to our message. We did 112 this week in addition to 13 lessons! We talk to a lot of people! A lot more than in Tennessee for sure! It's really easy to talk to people here, and they're all very willing to listen to our message. It's a lot different than tn! The people here are very European. Our area includes 2 big universities, so we have a lot of young college students who are very polite and willing to listen, but really have no interest in religion. We've been trying to work with member to find people to teach, because of those 112 contacts, none were really interested. So, we've been inviting members to think of friends or neighbors they could invite to a family home evening or something to introduce them to the church a d to see if they're interested.

Members are so important in missionary work! We can't doing anything them! Something I feel to be very important is k owing the names of each member of the ward where you serve. I knew the names of everyone in poplar creek and La Follette, and at least one fact about them. I'm trying to learn the names of everyone here, but it's so hard because they all have really hat Portuguese names and I can't remember any of them! There Re ward members that I know I've already asked 3 times what their names are, and it just won't stay in my brain! By the end of this transfer, I'll learn everyone's name. I might have to take pictures of them on my camera and write their names underneath their pictures, but I will learn their names!

I was under the impression that I would loose weight here in Brazil because we walk so much, but that is certainly not the case! The food here is awesome! We had lunch with a lot of members this week, and all of them were such awesome cooks! It's a lot of rice and beans and meat. It's real good! I think the members must think that we're starving or something...they always say, "pega mais, sister!" get more sister! It gets a little ridiculous after the 2nd or 3rd helping. Their desserts are awesome! Mom, you would love it because they use condensed milk with everything! And their condensed milk is a lot thicker and sweeter then ours - basically caramelized sugar!

Anyways, thinks are going well. I'm writing y'all from the tablet of the stake president here from his mansion. It's a little ridiculous, but I'll be sure to send pictures next week!

Love y'all loads and hope that you have a great week!

Sister Pennington

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