Monday, November 25, 2013

Another hello from Tennessee! (November 25)

Oi, familia!

It's been a crazy pants week! Remember that one time when I told y'all that Sister Sume and I were going to be on our own this next transfer? Surprise! We got a new companion! We had absolutely no idea and it was such a fun surprise! Her name is Sister Hatch, and she was in our zone so we already know her and love her! She's 21, from Idaho Falls, and studying exercise physiology at BYU-I. She is so fun and is so passionate about the gospel! It's going to be a great transfer :)

We had a really successful week! We were able to teach some really great lessons to some really great people. We had one lesson with a really great lady and she kept her appointment with us (which alone is a miracle) and she invited a friend who was interested. They are so sweet and wonderful! We're teaching them next Wednesday, so I'll tell you how they're doing in a few weeks :)

Also, Loren is doing great! She loves coming to church, and she loves learning more about the gospel! In primary, they learned a song to help them know the names of all the apostles and she remembered it and taught it to her family! She is so sweet :) We're seeing if we can get her a picture Book of Mormon. Our primary president thinks she can get a copy, so it's great :) We taught Loren about the Plan of Salvation on Tuesday, and she loved it. She understood it and asked so many wonderful questions about it. While we were teaching her, I could see just how hungry she was to know more about her relationship with Heavenly Father, and I was honored and privileged to be the one who got to tell her that she is God's daughter. I love being a missionary!

Other cool things from the week...We taught a lesson to the best family in the world last night! Sister Jacobsen and Sister Goates found them before I got here in the middle of the summer. They were tracting, and they ran into Jim who let them come in and he gave them some cold water. He's very friendly and kind to us. We just taught him the restoration last night with his wife, and it was so great :) They are such kind and faithful people. I love them so much! They also had a fire going in the fireplace, and they let us roast marshmallows! It was pretty awesome!

Overall it was a pretty great week :) Oh, I almost forgot! We taught Seminary this morning! It was so much fun! I forgot how hard it was to wake up that early! It was a great lesson, and we get to teach tomorrow and Wednesday. They kids are so great! There's one girl, Tian who's 14, and she is so eager about the gospel! She loves church and loves the Lord and she is so excited to serve a mission! We're having her help us teach her family the first discussion next week. She's so sweet and so excited! When we told her we were teaching seminary she was like, "ah, my two favorite things! Seminary and the missionaries!" She's golden!

I love all of you so much and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Sister Pennington

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